Earlier prototypes

As our current project is about discover what makes a good movement system in a game and then develop it it’s worthwhile to explain progress made so far.
So far I have made two prototypes for the movement. One during the summer and one more recently.
Both of the prototypes are quite similar and they are both made using Unity.

The first prototype is acually the more complex of the two as the goal was to see how demanding it is program certain things to the movement.
It’s made for the keyboard but controller also work. Compared to prototype 2 you can move at slanted terrain and it has a dynamic camera.
Unfortunally the movement on slopes and hills are quite buggy that leads to quite unimmersive (but hilarious) riding.

The second prototype is just that you control a horse in a flat terrain.
For this one i used the controller as the base control method as we wanted to make it the main focus. I also had more people play it to test if the different variables works or not.
One thing this prototype have that prototype 1 dosn’t is a dash button as prototype you could only run.
This will most likely be the base that every other movement prototype is based on.

Hopefully this is what progress i have made so far. Hopefully that makes things clearer how far I am so far in the project. I might come back to discuss the specifics.

/ Fredrik

Earlier prototypes

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