Describing Game Feel

As our ultimate goal with this project is to understand game feel and how to apply it to our game we need to understand how to get that information.

A big problem with that is that game feel is very hard to describe and “This game feels good to play” is way too vague to just base everything on. Another problem is that the most common answer designers get to get good game feel is “Be Shigeru Miyamoto”. While Miyamoto’s Mario series is one of the most defined examples of a series thriving on Game Feel it would be wise to find what others already figured out about the topic.

Today I tried to find texts that talk about game movement but discovered that game feel is a much better thing to search for as it gives better results. The most intresting texts i found was Steve Swink’s ideas about game feel. He both wrote Game Feel the Secret Ingredient on Gamasutra and the book “Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation”. He clearly defines game flow as Real-time control of virtual objects in a simulated space, with interactions emphasized by polish”. This makes it clear that it’s a huge topic with tons of things to discover but not something magical that can’t be explained. I will continue read his texts and use his ideas so expect more about those texts in the future.

I also found this nice video that also goes into the topic and how different speeds affects the feel of the game. As this is something I already stared experimenting with it’s very relevant to our game.

/ Fredrik

Describing Game Feel

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