The Character – Early Concept Art

Here are pictures of some of the concept art which have been finished already. I started with siluettes because I wanted some kind of base to work with. I have yet to make a final draft of the character which I will be getting to very soon.
The character was first meant to be a normal centaur but this has changed since then. Now she will be a hybrid between, horse and reindeer. This is because we felt like we could create more interesting features.


femcentaur02IMG_1420 IMG_1422IMG_1423IMG_1421

It will be pretty interesting to see what we can come up with in the end. We have alot of ideas how the character will be like and what she can and cannot do while being such a creature. This will also influence the animations down the road.

Next time I will show how the model looks so far and what changes it has gone through since the beginning. I also will be posting the final concepts later on during the project when they are finished!


The Character – Early Concept Art

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