Headless Iterations

I’ve been wanting to show how far I have gotten on the character.

She have gone through some iterations since the beginning. The ones below are only the ones which has gone through major changes, though early on we decided to make her into a horse, reindeer hybrid. This is because we found it more interesting and it makes sense in the context in the game.


Down below is currently this is how she looks like. She has gotten abit shorter and stockier because of the climate which the game will take place in. She also got a head (wooho!) but is just a sphere at the moment, so there is alot of work left to do. The good thing about this mesh is that I can start building skeletons to test and see how many bones we need for animation.


The body still needs some adjustments but I will add clothes and a proper face very soon. Although this time Ive been sketching more to see how she will look like. I should have started with the concept art but I guess I had too much fun modelling her to consider it would create problems later on. I hope I will consider doing it properly next time.


Headless Iterations

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