The Three Building Blocks and us

So in the latest days i’ve been reading Steve Swink’s Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation (2008) and it’s pretty damn good. I have gotten tons from it even if im only 1/3 through the book.
The most important concept in this book however is “The Three Building Blocks of Game Feel”. These are three components of a game when they are together the will create Game Feel.  These are Real-time-control, Simulated Space and Polish.

Game Feel

Real-time-control is the pure movement values translated from the input. To get a good feeling of contol it needs to be both instanious and convey the players intention. This is what programmers work with and is what I’ll will focus on. That being said these are only values and doesn’t do much if you can’t notice the change.

Polish includes the visuals like models, animations, particles, decals but also sound which gives the player feedback on what is happening and gives everything else context to the world. Johan will work with this aspect.

Last but not least Simulated Space is the world, the levels and the enemies the player interacts with. This is the work that Level Designers work with. We together will make a prototype for this project. However in the end product we will collaborate with all of our group members for this one as world design will be important for our level design.

As you can see this is very important to our ideas and will shape our project. Hope my explanation could give enough clarity for my future discussions.

// Fredrik

The Three Building Blocks and us

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