Who’s that Avatar?

Who really is our avatar? What are her Personality, Weight and Size?  In the end, we need to reflect as many aspects of our character to the different aspects to hopefully get some good game feel to our game.

We met our mentors for this project today and a lot of their comments ended up questioning our choices following Steve Swink’s ideas of Game Feel. They felt we should focus more on the avatar and look about texts about companion species. While I didn’t find it all that interesting with the component about pets I found it more interesting with the idea of the avatar.

Whats that avatar

I haven’t looked all that deep in the idea about the avatar more than i know that a virtual avatar is a representation of the user/player. However the term avatar is most commonly used when it can be customized in some form to reflect the user. In our game the player avatar will be a character on her own, not just a completely empty vessel so it’s much better to call her an character.

But what is our character right now?

If you have seen Johan’s concept art you’ll probably already know some aspects about our character like that our main character is a female young centaur but with reindeer like body and features. I also mentioned in the introduction that she will work as a courtier and will ride around the world delivering letters. We also have the idea that her race is domesticated and is that world’s version of an horse.

That being said that is tons of attributes both big and small we still hasn’t been thought up and many might not be. Everything from physical attributes like weight and height might give us a better comparison to ourselves. A more fleshed out backstory might get a more clear idea of how she acts.

Something I learned about characters is that knowing your character in and out will make it every future decision about it so much easier. So while we don’t know our character as much as we would like to think hopefully we soon will.

// Fredrik

Who’s that Avatar?

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