Putting the curves to the test!

So after have read and wrote about Swink’s book and was waiting for Linus to finish a phonecall/discussion about his project i decided to let Johan and Annelie test the latest small prototypes I did.

The first was a new one. It basically is just is a box that could move left and right but it could do so in 4 different ways. This is all based on my idea of how curves would feel better. I made this prototype at Thursday midnight so the names are kinda shit… but these are:

  • Movement2“Usual movement” – It simulated linear acceleration movement similar to this curve but with added analog stick support



  • “Curved Movement” – this is
    based on my ideas about how curved movement would feel better Movement3than linear curves and the AnimationCurve
    test. The further away the Hspeed value is from what direction the stick is pointing the faster it goes towards the goal Hspeed


  • “shit movement” and “super shit movement”Movement1 – bad names aside this is just linear movement. The difference is that the better one use analog stick but the bad just goes 1,0 and -1 like the image to the side.



When I let them tested they felt that the usual movement felt the best for accelerating here. Johan felt that the curved felt wrong and when I put the acceleration low enough it wasn’t noticeable enough. He though that the deceleration for curved movement felt better. Annelie also said that she felt that the worst movement kinda fitted as it just was a gray box as that lowered the expectations. While that makes sense this prototype was just to test Real-Time-Control so a fancy sprite would put more focus on that.

The second was the prototype i tested AnimationCurves on. Here their opinions varied quite differently from my own conclusions. While my conclusion was that a sharp turn towards the goal speed with both accelerating and decelerating they felt different. They felt having a slow start felt kinda nice but kinda weird when it get towards max speed so they felt this curve felt the best and most unique for our character.


I almost wrote about this curve in my original post but I was unsure what to feel about it as sometimes I felt it played really good and sometimes it felt shit. Johan pointed out that the animation for the free model was kinda lacking and better animation would do tons for the Game Feel. So hopefully once I have that animation it would fix that problem.

That being said it makes sense that this curve would feel good, as it both give some weight as it takes a little time to start up but as it slows down near the max speed it dosn’t suddenly spike in speed toward the max speed.

I have to experiment more with that curve. Still this clearly proofs that playtesting move often == good.

If anyone here is curious to test them please comment, I could modify the versions so it could be played without mixing in the Unity editor.

// Fredrik

Putting the curves to the test!

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