Personality in Animation

Last week I started rigging the model which I got right now since Fredrik feels like he needs something to work with. One thing about rigging this early is that I feel like I have to really make sure the rig is built right so I won’t regret it later on. I am still abit inexperienced at rigging and it’s the most annoying part of making a model since it can make or break during the animation process and when the character is later in motion.

I find animating is alot of fun if the rig I am working with works well for the purposes I will need it for. That’s why I want to do this right from the get go.

But one thing about animation which I haven’t really thought about from the start is what animation can convey about the character. This question about animation began by Fredrik linking this video from Extra Play about Kratos animations in God of War:

This is something I had in back of my mind while designing the main character but I did not really give it much thought about it. The only thing I have been abit worried about is how it is to animate a character which is half horse, half man like; how does a horse place it’s hoofs during different speeds? how does it look while jumping? and what does the human part of the body move while doing these motions?

These are things which are pretty basic but is crucial to get right. But then there is how to convey the characters personality into its motions.

These are things which I really have to keep in mind later when I start animating and I have yet the answers for them yet. I think I will be able to figure it out when the time comes. What I can do though in the meantime is to write down ideas who the main character is.

It will be interesting what the outcome of all of this will be in the end!


Personality in Animation

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