Maya->Unity problems

Today I worked with Johan figuring out how to properly import his model into Unity. We thought it was a simple process and had so far waited to test it but when actually trying out we encountered monstrous problems like this.


This was caused that the scale factor was changed  from the original size and created big monstrosities like these. When we tried to add the .mb file in unity it was created turned centimeters to metres so the character became amost a half kilometer high. Johan exported to the .fbx format and that make the scale worked but then the rig didn’t work and the animations didn’t work.

The Solution? Using Maya’s own Send to Unity function added in the new 2016 edition.ItWerks.jpg

I did never know this thing existed until now and for some reason it bugged out for Johan and gave faulty exports until he changed the presets so it took some time until it worked.

So finally I can try out how the model will look in game. The animations isn’t finished but I’m sure I can do some crap temp animation to get the basic feeling.

I also passed the last course after supplementary today wooo. As I read some of the course literature I got some ideas how it could be used for our project, more on that tomorrow.

Maya->Unity problems

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