A different way to push foward

Today has been a day of making a lot of quick iterations and playtesting. From small variable changes to actual input changes i tested and questioned most of the things i made so far in my prototype.


Today I set up as main goal to get turning the player avatar to feel good. I made it similar to the Curved Movement but unlike with movement it more natural with turning. However a problem I had was that turning scarp turns didn’t feel natural because you would need to stop to turn. The solution to that problem was taken from Twilight Princess and how they handled it.

The main thing I started experiment with today wasn’t that but a different way of moving forward. Before, the way I programmed was just moving the left analog stick up. After some problems getting the strong turns to feel good made Johan ask me to test having the right trigger to move forward instead. I didn’t like how it felt as it it made it feel more like an car. That made me thing about another movement me and Linus discussed when we just started the project. The idea was that pressing the left and right to the rhythm of the running hoofs to make it feel more like running instead of just pushing a stick. After implementing it the reactions was quite positive. While everyone that tested it felt kinda odd and wasn’t all that good right now they all felt that the idea had a lot of promise and it would make so the control would stand out among other games. I even let another group test it without telling how it worked and within a minute they got it and also found it intriguing.

That being said you are still not required to have a rhythm so button mashing works better. The values are still wonky and needs to go trough way more playtesting. But there is many interesting possibilities to explore too. For an example my mom also suggested that the button presses to go in triple metre instead of tapping left right left right to be more correct to a horses gallop. We also been thinking of making the character stumble when the rhythm is going way off track. Clearly there is much to experiment but the positive reaction clearly shows there might be something there so expect more on this soon.

A different way to push foward

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