Horses IRL – Johan Edition

Yesterday I went with Annelie to check out while she rides. Even though Fredrik has already been there and got some good footage I felt It was important for me to be there in person just to meet the horses and observe how they move and act.


It was freezing cold on the bleacher where I observed the riders but I got some good footage. I tried capturing footage where I could see how the horses moved during different speeds, how they moved while changing speed, while turning and stopping. I also took notes on small details which most people take for granted but do not really think about.

Of the things Ive gathered I hope I will be able to apply them on the character. Some things can be tricky to apply so I have to test out what works and what doesn’t.

Afterwards I got to feed them and help out abit before heading home.

It was a pretty unusual experience for me and I felt like it gave alot of inspiration and ideas how to progress further with the project.


Horses IRL – Johan Edition

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