Yesterday i worked on polishing the trigger controllers. I got kinda bored with doing that so today I decided to go crazy. I asked one of our teachers Jonas if he could lend us some controllers and he gave us…. pretty much everything the school got! 


When we was done carrying all the stuff we didn’t really know where to start. We started setting up Xboxes we got to see if we could try out the Steel Batalion controller (That game has the most massive control sceme ever!) but couldn’t get everything to work.

What we tried then with was a racing wheel. After trying it out on Euro Truck Simulator 2 to see that it worked I went to try it out on our own game. It turned out that out that my old code and configurations already kinda works. The pedals worked but the racing wheel acted kinda weird. First we tried to control it like a car and as you probaly could expect it worked but felt weird with our context. Then we tried with the alternative trigger movement and boy was that something. It was loud and you got tired very fast. The pedals also slided away from you so the best way to get it to be still was to have it towards a wall.

We have tons of more crazy controllers to test like the Kinect, dance mat and the Novit Falcon but those needs more setup so I won’t try them today.


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