Razer Hydra – Shake it

In the last generation of video games motion controls made quite a splash. From Wii to Kinect it seemed like motion control would take be the future of controls. In that whole bandwagon the Razer Hydra was released as PC own motion control. It’s kinda similar to the wii’s nunchucks controls. While it’s most popular as a controller combined with Occulus Rift it can work well without it. Today we tried to experiment with this controler to our game.

Yesterday I tested it with a game with support already for the controler. I used Portal as it’s more of an slow paced game and Valve tries to support all their games with many different controllers. The feel was… not that good. The tracking was not that good and that control sceme was created with the intention to use with VR (Virtual Reality) so using it without it became really awkard without one(The character also keeps crouching at random and that didn’t help).

I was kinda doubting the controller so i waited until today to implement it into Unity. Implementing it into Unity was quite smooth as a good plugin was already created. After looking at the examples i noticed that it acually tracks the hand movement quite good and it was the implemenation that was the big issue with Portal. I started with implementing with the rythm taps but made so you had tilt the controller to turn. I worked decently and it was amusing to use your arms to turn.
I tried then to go nuts to see how it would be to control it with only motion controls. I made so you had to drum a imaginary drum to move and turn the controller to move in that direction. That played really silly and was kinda hard to control. Intrestingly enough due to a bug you didn’t need to drum that much and made it feel better than if you needed to drum constantly like it was supposed to do.


In the end the motion controls was amusing but didn’t became anything more than a gimmick. Motion controls are intresting but making you feel like you are walking/running as another creature I’m not convinced. I will try out Kinect too soon but i doubt it will give better results.

Razer Hydra – Shake it

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