Kinect – Spazz out Simulator

Of all the different motion controls of the last generation it was Kinect I felt was the worst by a mile. I felt that it just was like a glamorized EyeToy. I get that it had more focus on body tracking  but when I tried it out  that didn’t work. It also destroyed Steel Battalion with a cruddy sequel using it and I can’t forgive it for that. Still today I went and tried it for unity and see if it could prove me wrong.


Short answer…. No. What we did mostly today was messing around with the kinect that made it create with stupid poses like the one above. As mentioned before the Kinect is focused around body tracking and it shows with the api with gestures and joints.. Too bad the tracking has a tendency of spazzing out. Getting a good position for the Kinect isn’t easy and it was clear that ours was not good enough for the Kinect. Another one is that it has serious problem tracking depth. When it comes to the gestures sometimes it recognizes it sometimes it don’t (Like that sometimes it recognizes a left swipe for a right swipe). Pointing at the screen kinda works but I rather use a Wii mote or Razer Hydra as they does it better. I guess I could try it out with the prototype but from just testing it I honestly doubt I could get anything out it.


That being said the version I’m testing is the 360 version. I’m not convinced of this technology but I might try out the Xbox one Kinect too later and see if that one fares better. but for now I had enough with Kinect.

/ Fredrik

Kinect – Spazz out Simulator

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