Novit Falcon – What is even

Of all the game controllers I got to borrow Novit Falcon is without doubt the weirdest. It’s a 3 dimensional… control mouse thingy. It also has force feedback so it can give the illusion of physicality. I spend quite some time with it and this is my conclusions.


Unlike the other controllers I’ve written about I checked it out now and then during the latest days. After sucessfully installing it I decided to try their demo to see what it could do and I gotta say that some of the things it can do is really impressive. It can make it seem like you are pushing against different kind of physical matters, shake and make it easier or harder to move depending on context.

After that I tried out Portal as it was one of the few games with naitive support (Valve games support everything). In the time we tried it out there was two big uses. The first was the portal gun. Controlling it was kinda like a mouse but verically but the cool thing was how when you shot with the portal gun the controller moved and gave the illusion of recoil. It might felt even better with the gun grip for it but we didn’t have it. The other was that when when lifting a cube. When a cube was lifted the controller was pushed down and made it feel like it had weight (While otherwise it feels light in the game). Both of these aspects
was really cool and tapped into the senses in a great way. However moving on the ground was still being done with the WASD keys so there was a clear dissconect from the gunplay and the movement.
We also tried Team Fortress 2 and it had some recoils and shaking when shooting to give weight but not as much as Portal

Unfortunately I didn’t get it to work with unity. The device is almost 10 years old now and I had big.  The plugin I tried seem to be missing a important dll and the other alternative was to use the C++ libary and setting up C++ libaries is the worst thing in the world. 😐

In the end it’s a cool controller and I might go back to it someday. However for movememt it dosn’t work all that well so you have to set your game concept right for this device.

Novit Falcon – What is even

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