Different gameplay, same amount of legs!

So in the latest days we have been thinking of scrapping the Vojlock. However we still have a project to do and it’s quite a waste to let all the things we done so far go to waste. That’s why I tried to use the concept with being a centaur but with different contexts and gameplay.

Braaawwl!! With… a… Capsule…

What I tried last night was to make it more like a brawler as Linus was quite found of them. The game was all about ramming into them before they could shoot you. The character went in the direction you pointed the right stick in quite a fast speed. The game spawn new enemies all the time and the goal is to survive as long as possible. Instead of having a camera stuck up behind the butt I had it in a side view.

The old camera and movement

I let our team test my prototype and they thought it was quite fun, as there was more context and a Simulated space it also created dynamic in the gameplay that was lacking in the old prototypes where you just ran around. However the turn rate felt kinda odd to them and moving left and right felt more natural than up and down due to the perspective. I’m quite happy with the results however considering it was made in just two hours.

I will do more stuff like this as I noticed that even keeping the idea of being a horselike creature can feel and play very different, who know’s where I’ll end.






Different gameplay, same amount of legs!

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