In the last couple of weeks alot of things have happened.

Ive had a myriad of problems with the model which I never anticipated which slowed down the modelling progression. This is all linked to me not being that used to modelling in the first place since I havent really been doing it that much before this project. I did not consider that the workflow in how I proceed while modelling could do such a big impact. For example I did have a concept on how the character would look like, but it was not a final one. I found that if I actually had a more final concept on her looks helped alot in the process.

Skärmklipp 2015-12-09 16.33.10

This is pretty much basic but I guess I learned this the hard way and I now know why one should have a concept before doing modelling. It did not help either when I should have considered modelling a more simple model to just do animation. Though the thing why I wanted to make a proper model from the get go was not to waste time later down the line, but since this project is more about the gamefeel the animations are more important than a proper look.

Secondly I am a perfectionist and that doesnt help either so I have been pretty much gone back and forth while modelling which have wasted alot of time. One example where I spent too much time on is her hairstyle. The first way I approached how to do it ended up badly since the hair started Z fighting when I imported it into Unity. So instead of messing around with the texture for the hair to make it less transparent and use cutout rather than fade I messed around with different ways of making her hairstyle, without realising I could had easily salvaged what I already had made.

So after gone through all this you may ask where I am now?

Well I am at the later stages of modelling which is rigging the character. Sure she is still missing some vital things like some proper UV mapping I am getting close to being able to start animating.

I would consider these failures of mine and the speed in how fast I model is caused by my inexperience. But I feel like Ive learned some pretty vital things about it and I have a better understanding on what I should do next time I start over modelling anything major like a character.


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