Horses IRL III – Return of the Horses

Today me and Johan finally got the chance of riding horses as we took a private lesson from the local riding club. As we have barely been on a horse in our entire life it was quite a learning experience.


One thing that was very clear when we rode was that all horses has different personalities and that affected how it was to ride them. The one I got was called Nero and he was more than eager to go his own direction and speed when I didn’t have full control. Johan had the horse called Agge which instead was very easy to control but prefered going slow when trying to go faster. We were told by the teacher that they will try to test the limits while riding to see what we will do since they have already done this a lot of times already.


We got to test out riding in walk speed and trot. Both of us thought walking was the easiest since it is such a slow pace and was easy to adjust to.  Different speeds has a different kind of tempo to them. Trot in the other hand was a bit more challenging since the horse takes more steps we started to bounce around while still trying to steer. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try out with the gallop as it was a bit too advanced for the time we had. It would have been useful as the default speed for horses in video games is gallop as it’s the fastest.


Control (Starting , Stopping , Turning)

A important thing I was thinking was how it is controlling a horse. As I analyzed how many other games interpreted the act of riding it was quite a different thing actually riding it myself. The impression of how riding working with how video games gave me was that push/slam your feet at them to get them to move, move the reins left and right to to turn that direction and pull the reins towards you to make it stop. Turns out that I got quite some things wrong.  To get it to start you just push lighty and they start and to get it faster you need to command it. The thing I got the most wrong was that to turn I had to lean in that direction. That being said i got it right how to stop but it’s easier said than done as my horse didn’t want to stop.


That being said our game you won’t ride but actually be a horse-like creature. That means that the we can’t just translate the riding experience to gameplay. We will however try to translate the feeling of weight and mix it with the ideas how it would actually feel being the horse.


In the end it was very fun to ride the horses and I feel that we got quite a bit from it. We need to reflect on this but hopefully but we can  use a lot of this in the end.

Horses IRL III – Return of the Horses

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