Running with a dance

Today I got the adaptor ps2 to usb I ordred a while ago so i can try the last controller I got from Jonas. It’s the Dance Pad for Dance Dance Revolution game series (1999-).
I have quite some found memories of this controller as it was that one that got me into rythm games and the concept of using your feet to press buttons is still cool. That being said could it work for our game?


As the adaptor had drivers it made it very easy to set up. Just as with the driving wheel it worked with a standard input model so I didn’t need to code much to get started

First I tried out Stepmania, a Freeware Dance Dance Revolution game for PC. It kinda worked but the inputs seemed delayed as I suspect that the mat is somewhat worn out.

With our prototypes I first tried one of the old movement to see how that would feel. Having to hold down foward works ok if kinda static but turning felt kinda awkard when you had to cross your legs.


Next I tested to see how it would work with the trigger style of movement. I mapped the triggers to the left and right pad buttons to somewhat simulate running. Holding down left or right turns in that direction. This makes it somewhat hard to stay in one directon but it’s quite funny to see and move. It pretty tiring though as you constantly need to press left and right.


In the end this was a fun experiment. While I don’t want a full game with this movement it’s a fun party game. I’m considering using it as a part of our presentation at the end.
// Fredrik

Running with a dance

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