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So after some sickness and celebrating all the things that comes with the season (including my birthday) we are finally ready to get our project done and ready.

Well we have two things we need to do before everything is ready for presenting.

The first thing is that we need a scientific poster. I made a prototype how it would look here.12465549_1700186063545417_2093868402_o.jpg
There both need to be text and pictures ready for printing and uploading to before the end of next week. We’ll start on the main work on that next week.

The other thing is to wrap up what we been working on and make it presentible to the others to enjoy. What we will do is I’ll create a short level to run around as good as you can with several control scemes to show of the difference in feel between them. I’ll will add a scoreboard to that so there will be some fun friendly competiton while we show it of. Johan might also show parts that might not have gotten in on his computer.

Hopefully we can get those plans working well and make it something people would enjoy.


Back to Buisness

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