Score High!

Just a quick update what I made today.. or yesterday as this is written at midnight.. While I was kinda busy helping Johan and Linus getting their old programming assignments ready I did get one thing ready to work today. I Added high score support to use for the final presentation!


It was kinda messy to implement but that’s just because I messed at some basic logic when it came to the implementation. I got most of the more complex things done on the first try. 😛 It basically just shows the ten best times. It also uses webcam so it you can see who did it by images so it’s a bit more visually interesting. While adding a Highscore system to this game might seem like unnecessary extra work I think it can add a lot as it will give incentive to the players checking it out to do well, replay the game and improve how they are playing.

// Fredrik




Score High!

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