The last Stetch

So we finally done it it’s all done. That being said there was a lot of work the close to the end. Yesterday we had so much to do, Johan needed to get the whole design with the Scientific Poster and I had to get the game ready to be shown up.  The whole process was quite a mess though. I had to deal with bug and getting everything to flow well. It was messy but we got it after a lot last minute decisions and fixes. In the end we got all the things we needed but the game presented was quite simplistic and just showed of the basics in many places.

This image summarizes the chaos of yesterday pretty well.


Today it went pretty well however. Even with the basic game people found it fun, especially the ones not that into games. We also got the concept about Game Feel out pretty clearly and we even could use some of the shortcomings of the prototype to explain what we could have done.

Here’s the final poster we made and presented. We are quite happy with how it looks.


// Fredrik




The last Stetch

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