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Reference List!

My new blog

Just a quick mention that I have a new blog I made this year. If you found anything I wrote about intresting during this blog I suggest you follow it. The link is

I found writing this blog quite fun but as this blog is just for this school project it’s quite limiting. I won’t update in this blog after the project so I just wanted to get that information out there.

My new blog

The Language of the Controller.

Something I have been pondering from the start is the concept of a game controller. As these tools are the medium that translates the players thoughts and instincts into action on a screen. These devices are essensial to understand the concept of Game Feel.
As I have experimented with many different controllers and input during this project I feel this topic is worth discussing.

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The Language of the Controller.

Kinect – Spazz out Simulator

Of all the different motion controls of the last generation it was Kinect I felt was the worst by a mile. I felt that it just was like a glamorized EyeToy. I get that it had more focus on body tracking  but when I tried it out  that didn’t work. It also destroyed Steel Battalion with a cruddy sequel using it and I can’t forgive it for that. Still today I went and tried it for unity and see if it could prove me wrong.


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Kinect – Spazz out Simulator