The last Stetch

So we finally done it it’s all done. That being said there was a lot of work the close to the end. Yesterday we had so much to do, Johan needed to get the whole design with the Scientific Poster and I had to get the game ready to be shown up.  The whole process was quite a mess though. I had to deal with bug and getting everything to flow well. It was messy but we got it after a lot last minute decisions and fixes. In the end we got all the things we needed but the game presented was quite simplistic and just showed of the basics in many places.

This image summarizes the chaos of yesterday pretty well.


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The last Stetch

Report before the final strech

Just a quick report what’s going on right now.
Right now the writing for the poster is almost done. Johan is just planning to add some final touches to his sections. Johan will also make it into a poster that’s intresing to look at. Hopefully we can get it done and printed by tomorrow.

When it comes to the game we will show of we I haven’t worked on it as much as I hoped as the writing took up much of the time. Also the dance pad just don’t want to co-operate so we decided to not include it. Razor Hydra and the 360 works just fine and will be the two choices included on the presentation.

Johans model is finalized so I will soon add it into the game. The texture is WIP though so we will see what happens with that.

As you can see there is much work to be done until tomorrow but hopefully we will manage!

// Fredrik

Report before the final strech

Back to Buisness

So after some sickness and celebrating all the things that comes with the season (including my birthday) we are finally ready to get our project done and ready.

Well we have two things we need to do before everything is ready for presenting.

The first thing is that we need a scientific poster. I made a prototype how it would look here.12465549_1700186063545417_2093868402_o.jpg
There both need to be text and pictures ready for printing and uploading to before the end of next week. We’ll start on the main work on that next week.

The other thing is to wrap up what we been working on and make it presentible to the others to enjoy. What we will do is I’ll create a short level to run around as good as you can with several control scemes to show of the difference in feel between them. I’ll will add a scoreboard to that so there will be some fun friendly competiton while we show it of. Johan might also show parts that might not have gotten in on his computer.

Hopefully we can get those plans working well and make it something people would enjoy.


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Game Usability? What is it?

While looking up concepts that could relate to Game Feel I found i found the concept Game Usability. Katherine Isbister and Noah Shaffer say that usability is about how intuitive and effective the thing is to accomplish tasks. Game Usability is that applied to a game medium but that term is also applied to the broader idea of the game experience. Today I took and looked into Game Usability: Advancing the Player Experience by Katherine Isbister and Noah Schaffer. (2008)


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Game Usability? What is it?

Who’s that Avatar?

Who really is our avatar? What are her Personality, Weight and Size?  In the end, we need to reflect as many aspects of our character to the different aspects to hopefully get some good game feel to our game.

We met our mentors for this project today and a lot of their comments ended up questioning our choices following Steve Swink’s ideas of Game Feel. They felt we should focus more on the avatar and look about texts about companion species. While I didn’t find it all that interesting with the component about pets I found it more interesting with the idea of the avatar.

Whats that avatar

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Who’s that Avatar?